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Say Good-bye to Diaper Rash Overnight

  I can remember the many days spent and tears that were shed fighting the stubborn painful, bright red rash on my baby’s bottom. The screaming and kicking and the locked legs legs that keep you from getting any access to wipe their bottom. It was enough to make me want to cry with him. My heart went out for my son every time he got a rash. It wasn’t fair to him that he had to endure DAYS of the pain and stinging of having a diaper rash from circumstances beyond his control. Using multiple types of rash creams, powders, wipes, lotions, and soaps, we finally figured out how to resolve even the worst diaper rash OVERNIGHT!  The first thing we quickly learned was prevention. Using sensitive wipes really made a difference. From the day he was born I used Pampers Sensitive wipes  because that’s what someone gave me at my baby shower. I decided it was the best choice for our newborn considering we weren’t sure yet if he had any allergies or sensitivities. Being a first time mom, I

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